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Evolution of the Elephant and Springbok

Every Sunday morning, if the light is good, I take pictures of progress in the studio. These two landscapes one featuring an elephant and the other a springbok have gone through more changes than most. Almost daily I tested them, unhappy with their color or gesture or mark and the connections between land, light and […]

Paintings from Botswana

The  24″x 30″ works illustrated here were made on site in Botswana. The larger works are based on field sketches but were made in the studio. All works are oil on aluminum panel. The titles are incomplete at this point. Click the thumbnails and click once again to see larger images.

Beneath the Surface Lives a Mermaid

The pace has slowed, but there are more posts and paintings about Botswana to come in the next few months, the first of which has been composed by Meleko Mogkosi, fellow artist, friend and traveling companion in Africa. By Meleko Mokgosi Rudy, our guide at Tuli Block, a game preserve on the eastern border of […]

Okavango Field Studies

The following pencil and gouache studies were made in the Okavango Delta of Botswana.

If a Hippo Surfaces Nearby…

“If a hippo surfaces nearby” said Matsaudi Noga in a voice reminiscent of a flight attendant reciting safety instructions prior to take-off, “please do not attempt to jump from the boat”. I had just settled into the mokoro, a hand hewn log that serves as transportation in the Okavango Delta, when Matsaudi continued with the […]

Elephant at Night

The full moon rose over the Okavango Delta as I lay in bed listening to the elephant wade through the water. The sloshing was a fresh sound, just like a person walking through the shallows only louder. And it grew even louder, so I got up to see if the elephant was really headed to […]


The Okavango Delta is formed by a river that has nowhere to go. The water that forms the Delta once flowed to the sea, but a fault in the earth’s crust is raising the floor of the Kalahari, blocking its path. As a result, the frustrated river has lost its snaky shape and has become […]

Ceopede Baitsile

“I find it embarrassing that I have not visited most of Botswana’s significant tourist attractions of even seen some of her various landscapes. What I can say is that although much of the land is under ‘threat’ of loosing its natural appearance through rapid development, the government still manages to conserve and sustain the most […]

What Do People Want From Pictures Of Wild Animals?

Waiting for the Land Rover to arrive for the evening game drive, I lifted the cream soda from the curve of the cast concrete bar, slipped off the cow hide stool, and meandered around the edge of the lodge bar to view the frieze of African film stills. My favorite photograph featured a hot “native” […]

Elements of Style

Nothing botanical has as much charisma on the African stage as Baobab trees. At sunrise they begin the day in mauve, a difficult color in which to dress unless you have the dignity that comes from living a 1000 years or more. As the sun rises over the winter savannah, the trees turn white-pepper pink, […]