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DS Base
DS Base

DS Base

The Antipodes DS Base delivers high quality computer audio and a simple to use complete solution. S/PDIF and Analog outputs are provided for convenience, and use of a high quality USB DAC is recommended in order to realise the full benefits of the DS Base. The DS Base has improved performance from 1 September 2017, with much reduced latency improving all aspects of performance.

Every stage of an Antipodes digital source is designed to minimise electronic noise, and then the whole is fine-tuned to avoid noise nodes (when two noise sources generate a noise peak at the same frequency). Antipodes expertise in this field is what makes our products sound better. Our unique approach means we can avoid the noise filters used in other products. A perfect square wave needs infinite bandwidth, and noise filters inherently limit bandwidth, impairing impulse response, and thereby damaging the fidelity of the digital signal. This is particularly important for high resolution files that require even wider bandwidth. The result is not just digital without the nasties, but music that captures both the life and the subtle expression in music.

The DS Base borrows its core technology from the DX, and its system software, application software, database and caching are all on solid state. The DS Base is now available with spinning hard drives or SSDs for music storage, and operating system, database and cache is on solid state. The DS Base uses a semi-switched power supply, which has a switched rectification and step-down stage, followed by a linear DC regulation stage.

DS Upgrades

The Antipodes DS uses the V3.5L circuit, but if you already have a DS Base, DS SSD or DS GT, you can upgrade it to either a DS-X or a DS Core at one of our service centers, beginning 23 October 2017, to take advantage of the superior V4 platform being introduced by Antipodes Audio.

The DS-X uses the medium-powered V4M circuit that is heavily based on the V4X circuit used in our flagship DX Gen3. There are a few differences between V4M and V4X but the main difference is the simpler power supply used in the V4M. All DS models going back to the first DS released in 2011 are able to be upgraded to the DS-X specification, and are installed in your current case. The one exception to this is that the DS Reference can be upgraded to the V4X circuit, the same as is used by the DX Gen3. Owners of a DS Reference have a great opportunity to be brought right up to date retaining their existing case.

The DS Core uses the high-power V4H circuit used in the Antipodes CORE, except that your DS Core retains its integrated ripper. The option to upgrade to the DS Core is only available if your DS has the heatsink side panels shown in the DS images on this page.

Both the DS-X and the DS Core offer a dramatic increase in performance over the DS Base, closing around 85% of the gap between the DS Base and the DX Gen3. These models are not available for purchase and are only offered as an upgrade path for owners of a DS.

If you are interested in an upgrade, keep an eye on our website for news on the upgrade programme, or join our mailing list to get the latest information available. Full details of the DS-X, DS Core, the upgrade process and pricing will become available closer to the launch of the upgrade programme on 23 October 2017.

DS Configuration
DS Base Use Case


  • Silver or Black
  • Pre-Installed Storage Options
    • No Storage
    • 1TB HDD
    • 2TB HDD
    • 4TB HDD
    • 1TB SSD
    • 2TB SSD
    • 4TB SSD
    • 8TB SSD


  • Medium Power V3.5L Circuit
  • Fanless All Alloy
  • Integrated CD Auto Ripper
  • Semi-Switched External PSU
  • SPDIF to 24/192 PCM
  • USB Audio 2.0 Output
    • PCM to 32bit / 768kHz PCM
    • DoP to DSD512, Native DSD to DSD512


  • Music Playback Options
    • Roon Server & Roon Ready
    • SqueezeBox & Squeezelite
    • MPD
    • DLNA/UPnP/OpenHome
    • HQPlayer NAA
    • Shairport (Apple Airport Emulation)
    • SONOS Integration
    • Plex Media Server
  • Admin Applications
    • Find My Antipodes
    • CD-Import Auto-Ripper
    • Playback App Switcher
    • External Drive Mounter
    • Browser-Based Setup GUI
    • SMB Server For File Management & Downloads


  • Less Than 25W While Running
  • 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC Set At Factory


  • 240mm (w) x 215mm (d) x 75mm (h)
  • 9.5in (w) x 8.5in (d) x 3in (h)


  • 125mm (w) x 100mm (d) x 75mm (h)
  • 5in (w) x 4in (d) x 3in (h)


  • 24 Months Return To Vendor
  • Extendable To 36 Months By Online Registration

DS Base Reviews

"The DS [Base] has all the low level detail, most of the nuance and refinement and most of the treble aire and fluidity that the N10 is capable of, and adds better dynamics with more attack and without diminishing the decays. Lastly, just like with the DX, the DS has a more convincing tonality, where wood sounds and percussion instruments sound more like the real things, than with the Aurender.

It’s not everyday that my long time reference is equalled, certainly not multiple times in a short timeframe, and definitely not by a much less expensive component."

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"The Antipodes DS delivered the promise of digital as I’d never heard before. Well recorded CDs became extraordinary sounding FLAC rips."

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