Plain English Privacy Policy

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We only collect sufficient information to be able to complete sales, provide customer support and administer warranties.

We retain your email address and emails to us, but do not direct market anything to you using unsolicited email unless you have opted to be added to a mailing list. We will delete you from any mailing list upon emailed request.

Any direct sales are completed via Paypal payment, or using Paypal as merchant service provider for credit card payments, or by bank transfer, and so we never handle your sensitive bank or credit card details.

Such information as is collected about you will not be used for any other purpose or supplied to any other person or organisation unless required to by law or for the purpose of exercising Antipodes Audio Limited's legal rights.

Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to alter the right to privacy that the law of your country stipulates.

If you have any concerns about information we hold about you, or about the meaning of this policy, please contact us at any of the email links below, or use the contact form on our contact page.