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Evolution of the Elephant and Springbok

Every Sunday morning, if the light is good, I take pictures of progress in the studio. These two landscapes one featuring an elephant and the other a springbok have gone through more changes than most. Almost daily I tested them, unhappy with their color or gesture or mark and the connections between land, light and […]

Okavango Field Studies

The following pencil and gouache studies were made in the Okavango Delta of Botswana.

Elephant at Night

The full moon rose over the Okavango Delta as I lay in bed listening to the elephant wade through the water. The sloshing was a fresh sound, just like a person walking through the shallows only louder. And it grew even louder, so I got up to see if the elephant was really headed to […]


The Okavango Delta is formed by a river that has nowhere to go. The water that forms the Delta once flowed to the sea, but a fault in the earth’s crust is raising the floor of the Kalahari, blocking its path. As a result, the frustrated river has lost its snaky shape and has become […]