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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

“It’s the most beautiful place on earth”, I said to a friend.  I was referring to Halina Pali, a great cliff that drops to the Pacific on the southern coast of Hawaii.  Each time I visited the place, I said the same thing to myself, but I dismissed the thought as hyperbole, the everyday kind […]

Hawaiian Paintings

A few more pictures from my last weeks in Hawaii. The titles are provisional. All works are oil on aluminum, 24″x 30″.

Zombies of Botany

If beauty is motivation to live, and I think it is, then the plants of Hawaii do humanity an enormous favor, reaffirming life with their sensual display. Having ten or more distinct climate zones, the island of Hawaii has an astonishing diversity of plant life to contemplate. And it’s not just the visual sensation of […]

More Paintings from Hawaii

The following paintings, made on the big island of Hawaii, are oil on aluminum panel, 24″ x 30″. The titles are provisional.


At the mention of Mo’okini Heiau, Andrew Doughty, the author of a popular guidebook, Hawaii The Big Island Reveled, suddenly turns mystical. “Even before we knew the gory details about Mo’okini Heiau’s history, the place gave us the heebie-jeebies. We aren’t the only ones who have noticed that the area around the temple is filled […]

Paintings in Progress from Hawaii

The following paintings are all 24″ x 30″, oil on aluminum panel and were painted out of doors on the big island of Hawaii. I really don’t know if they are finished, but they are far enough along to share.

Mango Road

Mangos are best eaten in the bathtub with a friend. But the people who planted several miles of mango trees along a coastal road in Puna, Hawaii probably did not have this option. According to local legend, migrant farm workers put the mango seeds into the ground a century ago to provide food while wandering […]