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Paintings from Botswana

The  24″x 30″ works illustrated here were made on site in Botswana. The larger works are based on field sketches but were made in the studio. All works are oil on aluminum panel. The titles are incomplete at this point. Click the thumbnails and click once again to see larger images.

Elephant at Night

The full moon rose over the Okavango Delta as I lay in bed listening to the elephant wade through the water. The sloshing was a fresh sound, just like a person walking through the shallows only louder. And it grew even louder, so I got up to see if the elephant was really headed to […]


The Okavango Delta is formed by a river that has nowhere to go. The water that forms the Delta once flowed to the sea, but a fault in the earth’s crust is raising the floor of the Kalahari, blocking its path. As a result, the frustrated river has lost its snaky shape and has become […]