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Warren Cooper, Landscape Painter

  I lost the first round. We were looking at a canal scene of Venice that he had painted and I mentioned that once on art business I had stayed in that city for a month. Warren Cooper, a tall man of 79 years with clear, blue eyes and the kind of thick, white hair […]

If a Hippo Surfaces Nearby…

“If a hippo surfaces nearby” said Matsaudi Noga in a voice reminiscent of a flight attendant reciting safety instructions prior to take-off, “please do not attempt to jump from the boat”. I had just settled into the mokoro, a hand hewn log that serves as transportation in the Okavango Delta, when Matsaudi continued with the […]

Ceopede Baitsile

“I find it embarrassing that I have not visited most of Botswana’s significant tourist attractions of even seen some of her various landscapes. What I can say is that although much of the land is under ‘threat’ of loosing its natural appearance through rapid development, the government still manages to conserve and sustain the most […]

Ookeditse Malesu

I am renting a car from Rre Malesu. He had the following to say about the land of Botswana: We are not a contrary people. We are a nation of introverts. We keep quiet and don’t complain a lot. But people are becoming more opinionated. Our first President Khama had a proverb that sums up […]

Rre Motsewabeng Motsewabeng

Motsewabeng Motsewabeng sat outside his compound in southern Botswana. It was mid-morning and he was relaxing by the gate, tending to a black kettle sitting over a little fire. We spoke through an interpreter, my travel companion and fellow artist Meleko Mokgosi, who translated from Setswana to English so that I could follow the conversation. […]