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Hawaiian Paintings

A few more pictures from my last weeks in Hawaii. The titles are provisional. All works are oil on aluminum, 24″x 30″.

Zombies of Botany

If beauty is motivation to live, and I think it is, then the plants of Hawaii do humanity an enormous favor, reaffirming life with their sensual display. Having ten or more distinct climate zones, the island of Hawaii has an astonishing diversity of plant life to contemplate. And it’s not just the visual sensation of […]

More Paintings from Hawaii

The following paintings, made on the big island of Hawaii, are oil on aluminum panel, 24″ x 30″. The titles are provisional.

Evolution of the Elephant and Springbok

Every Sunday morning, if the light is good, I take pictures of progress in the studio. These two landscapes one featuring an elephant and the other a springbok have gone through more changes than most. Almost daily I tested them, unhappy with their color or gesture or mark and the connections between land, light and […]

Paintings from Botswana

The  24″x 30″ works illustrated here were made on site in Botswana. The larger works are based on field sketches but were made in the studio. All works are oil on aluminum panel. The titles are incomplete at this point. Click the thumbnails and click once again to see larger images.

Okavango Field Studies

The following pencil and gouache studies were made in the Okavango Delta of Botswana.