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Beneath the Surface Lives a Mermaid

The pace has slowed, but there are more posts and paintings about Botswana to come in the next few months, the first of which has been composed by Meleko Mogkosi, fellow artist, friend and traveling companion in Africa. By Meleko Mokgosi Rudy, our guide at Tuli Block, a game preserve on the eastern border of […]

If a Hippo Surfaces Nearby…

“If a hippo surfaces nearby” said Matsaudi Noga in a voice reminiscent of a flight attendant reciting safety instructions prior to take-off, “please do not attempt to jump from the boat”. I had just settled into the mokoro, a hand hewn log that serves as transportation in the Okavango Delta, when Matsaudi continued with the […]

Ceopede Baitsile

“I find it embarrassing that I have not visited most of Botswana’s significant tourist attractions of even seen some of her various landscapes. What I can say is that although much of the land is under ‘threat’ of loosing its natural appearance through rapid development, the government still manages to conserve and sustain the most […]

Ookeditse Malesu

I am renting a car from Rre Malesu. He had the following to say about the land of Botswana: We are not a contrary people. We are a nation of introverts. We keep quiet and don’t complain a lot. But people are becoming more opinionated. Our first President Khama had a proverb that sums up […]

Rre Motsewabeng Motsewabeng

Motsewabeng Motsewabeng sat outside his compound in southern Botswana. It was mid-morning and he was relaxing by the gate, tending to a black kettle sitting over a little fire. We spoke through an interpreter, my travel companion and fellow artist Meleko Mokgosi, who translated from Setswana to English so that I could follow the conversation. […]